I’m Hannah Weaver, the guiding force behind Spirituality Oracle. I hold a MA degree in Psychology in Education Spirituality Mind Body from Columbia University and I am a certified Spiritual Counselor. Over a decade in the field has seen me exploring spirituality’s myriad faces, including leading retreats and workshops globally.

At Spirituality Oracle, I blend my wealth of experience and knowledge to craft enlightening guides on a wide array of spiritual aspects. From unfolding the Spiritual Meaning of various phenomena, integrating Health & Spirituality, to investigating Color Symbolism and interpreting Dream Meanings, I endeavor to illuminate the spiritual fabric woven into our daily lives.

Join me as we embark on this journey of discovery and enlightenment, where I aspire to guide you in navigating the depths of your spirit through the vast sea of wisdom within us all. It’s a privilege to accompany you on your spiritual journey and to help you unlock the true potential of your inner oracle.